Praveen Naidoo


Praveen has worked in the fields of Ethics Management, Oversight Governance and Anti-Corruption for almost two decades. His induction into the field of ethics began in 2002, when he studied at the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) in Camden, USA. Later he completed his Master’s Degree (MPhil Ethics), at the University of Johannesburg. In the recent past, Praveen has served as the Head of the Integrity Management Unit at the National Prosecuting Authority of SA, where he was responsible for Fraud and Corruption Investigations, Conflict-of-Interest Management and Advocacy & Ethics Management.

While there he also served as the Chair of the Office for Ethics and Accountability, a newly envisioned benchmark for Accountability in Law-enforcement, and before that he represented the NPA on the Justice Cluster’s Anti-Corruption Task Team, and the DPSA’s Learning Forum. He also served on the National Anti-Corruption Steering Committee, responsible for drafting the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for SA. Praveen also worked as a Senior Integrity Specialist at SARS, the South African Revenue Service, where he was responsible for mainstreaming SARS Ethics Management Infrastructure. He served two terms on the (CFAE) Committee for Auditor Ethics at IRBA, and together with a fellow CFAE member, developed and facilitated training interventions for the Auditing Profession across Africa.

He worked as a consultant for the National School of Government in South Africa, where he was responsible for developing and facilitated various Anti-Corruption, Oversight Governance and Ethics Management Programmes. Much of his earlier exposure and experiences in the ethics field can be attributed to The Ethics Institute (TEI), where he served as a Senior Manager: Organisational Ethics. Although he has recently retired from formal work in the South African Government, Praveen spends much of his time exploring how catalysing changes like Covid-19, global geopolitics, and AI advancements are beginning to reshape our roles and relevance at practitioners. Praveen is passionate about curbing corruption, rebuilding institutional integrity and embedding good governance across all of our institutions in Africa, and therefore sees the CII-Africa Initiative as an appropriate vehicle through which we can all make this vision of a renewed “Moral Reset”, a reality over time.