Comlan O. Joel Ameyou


Comlan O. Joel Ameyou is a corporate lawyer with several years’ work experience in legal and tax advice. For 8 years he served as the Chief Compliance Auditor in Togo’s newly-created Revenue Authority where He was responsible for organizing and managing a team of quality and compliance auditors, enforcing the full respect of standards and ethics. Passionate about financial inclusion, he start-upped, while there, a new savings and credit union that he led, as the Executive Director, to be a strong and viable microfinance organization under the jurisdiction of the Central bank of West African States. Previously, He worked as legal advisor and compliance manager for Cabinet Sylvia Aquereburu, one of the leading law firms in the West African Economic Monetary Union, which He led to be the first ISO-certified law firm in Togo.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law and a Masters in Political Science from the University Kara and Lome in Togo and a postgraduate in Public Management from Georgia State University in USA. Comlan is a Mandela Washington Fellow of the Obama’s Young African Initiative 2015. He is engaged in his community by leading the Togolese chapter of follow taxes, a west African project on fiscal transparency. He is also committed as a lead consultant in the “Nudzonola” project helping the communities to be aware of their rights of control over public action. He completed in 2019 the specialized Master in Anti-Corruption Compliance and Collective Action by defending, in November, a thesis focused on how to counter the illicit financial flows that derive from fiscal corruption. At the end of 2021, he took a leave from the Revenue Authority with the aim to bring his broad experience to the private sector organizations. As the Chief of Staff – Compliance, Ethics & Governance, He is currently on a mission to build a compliance program and restructure the governance’s architecture for one of the most ambitious companies in West Africa’s energy sector with branches in transport and real estate. He, strongly, believes that no Government will sustainably succeed in tackling corruption and bad governance without an active implication and collaboration of a vibrant private sector.